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03 Juli 2013

Characteristics of computer virus

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A virus is code / script that was made to damage a computer system. Viruses have the ability evil. Once we execute or run a virus-infected file then it will quickly reproduce and multiply them. He will soon modify the internal structure of a target code, so that the target was forced to run code before running the virus. This virus will put the parent virus in the system C and will disguise their names, so we will be fooled and think he is one of the file system. Viruses also often displays a message from the creator of the virus and destroy the layout display.jika silenced continuously over time the computer will be slower. Computer virus is a bitch. In addition to the work being slow, there are some certain files are missing or can not execute. But there are some people who still lay on the computer does not realize that the computer has been attacked by a virus, so the virus to casually destroy computer system without any opposition. In fact there is a friend that I realized his computer attacked by a computer half a year later, zzz. Do not let this happen to you all. Then familiarize yourself with the signs on the computer, whether it is still in good health or is attacked by a virus. What are the signs or indicators of a computer virus on your computer? Please just look at some of the following signs. 1. Your computer is running slower than usual and it lasted a consistent basis, you may find your computer runs harder when doing simple tasks, or feel more heat. 2. Start time computer takes a long time. There may be malware on your computer that runs concurrently on the computer when you are at the start and slows all processes. You can see which programs are entered into the list early start when computer start with check in MSCONFIG. How: Click Start >> type in msconfig in the search box >> Enter >> and select the Startup tab when the dialog box appears. There you can choose which programs are running at the start if only need to start the computer you think. 3. Computer suddenly stops or does not respond, and it is often the case. 4. Computer suddenly restart or crash and it happened a few minutes. 5. Computer suddenly restart and not able to walk normally again. 6. If you have a lot of toolbars in your browser, then know that it could be an indicator of spyware that can control how you use your computer and gather a lot of information about you. Therefore, choose a browser toolbar from a reliable source. 7. Computer application is not running properly. Hard drive or disk drive can not be accessed. 8. Print activity is not working properly. 9. It often happens that strange error messages and do not usually. 10. Often visible menu or dialog box is damaged. 11. Browser crashes can often be an indication of your computer is infected. 12. Your browser to load a web page that you do not ask. One indication of your computer is infected with viruses which browser is not loading the page that you requested. 13. Ktikan name of your hard drive in the start menu search box followed by :/ autorun.inf. If your computer is infected with a virus then the search will open a notepad and an unknown files with extensions. EXE, and many more symptoms are caused by a virus that causes a function of PC / computer you are running are reasonable. The foregoing is a general phenomenon that a computer is infected by a computer virus, but it can also occur due to interference with hardware or software as well. The ultimate solution is to install an antivirus that is always up-to-date. Several types of commonly used anti-virus is SmadAV, Avira, AVG, Simantec, Kaspersky, and others. If it turns out the virus had attacked the C drive, it is better to reinstall just to be safe windows

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